Thursday, 2 June 2011

Sneak Preview

Concept Interiors has moved to Oatlands Drive in Weybridge and we have been working away over the last few months to transform what was an old and unloved printing shop into our gorgeous new showroom!
Although it is not officially complete for a few more week, we thought we would give you a sneak preview as to how it is taking shape.



Tuesday, 7 September 2010

CI Visualisations of Recently Designed Bathrooms

Here is a showcase of recently designed bathrooms and en-suites designed by the Concept Interiors team.

The Pictures that you will see bellow show a range of designs, styles and budget dependant upon our individual clients.

No:1 - Master en-suite designed for a new loft conversion in Surrey

No:2 En-suite designed for a bachelor in Surrey

No:3 Master en-suite design in Virginia Waters Surrey

No:4 Master en-suite for a new build in Surrey - Build by Concept Developments

As you can see Concept Interiors covers a wide range of design styles and tastes.
If you have a new project or would like to re-vamp your existing bathroom or en-suite, please do not hesitate to contact Concept Interiors for design advice and services, by phone: 01932 241380,by e-mail: or visit us at our website

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Concept Interiors Visulisations of Recently Designed Kitchens

Kitchen designs -

Here we have a collection of three recently designed kitchens for new clients we have in the Surrey area. These designs and visuals have been created using our CAD program. The three kitchen designs are very different from one another, therefore this is a great way to show you how the team here at Concept Interiors can design for every taste and budget.

Kitchen One - Contemporary meets Classic

This kitchen met the clients love for classic design and passion for modern cooking.
Combining classic items like the dresser style unit with plate rack, with more contemporary features such as the central island, brings the two styles together in one harmonious space.

Kitchen Two - Stunning and Practical

This kitchen is a clean a crisp environment, a tranquil haven for creating culinary treats with all the mod cons which the modern family needs for cooking today. This space, although it is white, is easy to keep clean as all the surfaces are wipeable, making it ideal for cooking, keeping a young family happy and brilliant for cleaning.

Kitchen Three - Unique Kitchen Design

This is a practical and stylish kitchen set in the home owner’s super-room. It incorporates the clients love for seamless design and the practicalities of the modern family’s cooking tastes and life style.

With all our designs we have worked closely with our clients to enable us to design their dream kitchen while sticking to their individual budgets. Here at Concept Interiors we pride ourselves on being able to deliver each individuals design needs, no matter how big or small the project. If you would like us to meet with you to discuss your dream interior please do not hesitate to contact us at the office on 01932 241380 or visit our website page .

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Design ideas for a small space

Do you have a small room or space that you’re just not sure what to do with? At Concept Interiors we have been faced with this challenge on several occasions, may it be fitting an en-suite into a recently renovated loft space or fitting the latest kitchen gadgets into a tight space. Here at Concept Interiors we have the knowledge and the experience for all spatial scenarios.

Head of Design at Concept Interior, Samantha Morgan’s top tips on creating beautiful settings in tight spaces:

Maximize your space by not only thinking about the amount of floor space you have but how using a clever lighting design to make your space feel light and airy.

Selecting furniture and dressing items carefully as you don’t want to over crowd your nook. Being realistic is the key in this case; you might not always be able to fit every thing you want into your new space. In order to make the room feel large you will have to do with out any unessential, a functional practical space is always a happier one.

When designing a kitchen within a tight space it is paramount to use all the available space. Using clever storage such as magic corners and pull outs helps to maximize all your space. This gives a practical solution to your spatial issue and a stylish looking kitchen that has a place for everything.

If you are looking to play it safe with your colour scheme choose a light and fresh decor, if you feel like being a bit daring with your new space go for a dark colour or wallpaper on a feature wall. This may make your room feel a little smaller but it would make a great statement about the space.

Symmetry in any small space or awkward space helps to add a sense of balance and order. Using symmetrical storage, for a more traditional look matching units either side of your fire place add storage and balance, for a more modern take a wall of open shelved storage of equal size helps to add clarity and an alternative dynamic to a room.

The type of flooring you use is also something that needs special consideration. Cream carpet always look fine but why not try using a wood floor and using the direction of the wood to make your room feel wider or longer. This is a great trick to use, however this can also be done with a contemporary striped carpet or a large format tile.

If you are thinking about creating an en-suite for your main bedroom to turn it into a master suite, don’t be afraid to use large format tiles, this helps to create the illusion that your en-suite is much larger than first thought.

The points above will help you to design a more practical layout and to help make the most of your space. If in any doubt or you need some design advice, contact myself Samantha Morgan at the office on 01932 241380. My design team and I are always happy to help.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Taking the hard work out of soft furnishings

Designer Curtains by Concept Interiors is your one-stop shop for blinds, curtains and other soft furnishings. From beautifully crafted, hand sewn, lined and interlined curtains with a variety of heading styles, to cushions, drapes and throws to match, we’ll help you create that special ambience that makes your home uniquely yours.

Whatever the shape or size of the windows throughout your home, our experienced, friendly and creative team will help you find the right design, the right fabric and the right treatment for every room.

And whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary feel - with a bespoke service from Designer Curtains by Concept Interiors, your design will be timeless.

Whether you require a single blind or window treatments for every room, Designer Curtains are on hand to offer you specialist advise, creative designs, professional measuring & fitting and beautifully finished curtains and blinds.
• Expert advice and a personal service to commercial and private clients alike.
• Contemporary and period styles.
• Full hanging and dressing service for curtains and blinds.
• Custom made, hand sewn and tailored to individual requirements.
• Services and advice also available from a qualified interior designer.
• Free visit and quotations within a 20 mile radius.
• All curtain headings offered.
• Tracks and pelmets professionally fitted.
• Competitive pricing.

Drawing on experience, knowledge and creativity:

With Designer Curtains by Concept Interiors, you'll benefit from a design-led approach to dressing the windows throughout your home. This means that before anything else, we’ll listen to you to get a feel for what you’re looking for. Then, we’ll present you with our ideas before letting you make an informed choice.

And your choices are wide and varied. Heading options, for example, range from eyelet to tulip, while your curtains can be hand sewn, lined and interlined curtains.

The next stage is to show you a choice of designer fabrics. Our collection includes weaves, prints, chenille's, silks, taffetas and many more. We can visit you with sample books to enable you to match colours and styles to your existing décor. Alternatively, we can source a fabric to suit your individual requirements.

We'll then take a full set of measurements, note any practical requirements or restrictions – and create your perfect curtains and accompanying furnishings.

A blind for all tastes:

You may, of course, have windows in your home that, for practical or aesthetic purposes, are more suited to the fitting of blinds than curtains.

And from Roman to London style, Designer Curtains by Concept Interiors can provide a blind to complement any room or window layout, whether it's for blacking out or blending in with your existing colour scheme and style.

We can also supply and fit your choice of blind from a wide range of manufacturers including rollerblinds, Luxaflex, Velux and Silentgliss blinds.

For a blind supplier with vision, choose Designer Curtains by Concept Interiors.

Finishing touches - the last word in elegance:

Elegant and well matched finishing touches are the grace notes that show your window dressing at its very best.

And to complement and personalise your curtain design, you can choose from a range of contemporary and traditional pieces, all of which can be customised to your individual tastes.

Options include fabric-covered and contemporary pelmets, classic hand-finished and contemporary poles and finials in a wide selection of styles and materials.

Making the exquisite complete.

Choose from a wide range of designer fabrics, including weaves, prints & silks by leading suppliers such as:
Brian Yates
Colefax & Fowler
Colony Fabrics
Crowson Fabrics
Designers Guild
Fox Linton
GPJ Baker
Harlequin Harris
Linwood Fabric
Monkwell Mulberry
Natasha Marshall
New House Textiles
Romo Fabrics
Today Interiors
Villa Nova
William Morris

Accessories - beyond curtains and blinds:

At Curtains from Concept Interiors, our passion for creating your perfect home interior goes beyond our bespoke design and fitting service for your curtains and blinds.

We can also provide a huge range of soft furnishings such as cushions, throws and drapes. These can be designed to match your existing furnishings or as accent pieces to complement the theme of your room.

Soft options have never looked so good.

Samantha Morgan - Head of Design
For inspiration, design advice or just an informal chat about how curtains, blinds and soft furnishings can enhance your home, contact us at Designer Curtains by Concept Interiors.
Call me today on 01932 241380 to arrange a home consultation or visit us at
Designer Curtains by Concept Interiors
The Whispers
Reed Place
TW17 9LL

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Home Cinema

What was once seen as the ultimate in extravagance is now becoming more and more popular, even in these not so easy financial times.
Home cinemas first started appearing about 10 or 12 years ago but were only associated with super luxury homes, however we have recently started to see them more and more and sometimes in quite modest houses.
Once seen as just a rich mans toy, the move towards home entertaining means that increasingly people are investing in their homes and seeing home cinema as a way to bring family and friends together.

And it is no longer just dedicated cinema rooms in bachelor style pads or 15000sqft mansions. It is possible to have a cinema installed so that it is hidden within the modern home when it is not in use, and complements the existing décor and architectural style. Then at a touch of a button the curtains close, the lights dim and the screen comes downs, transporting you to your very own movie theatre!

Imagine the experience of watching a movie in your own home, with picture and sound to rival the best West End cinemas, along with your choice of food, drink and audience! It is easy to see why cinemas have become such a lusted after addition to the home.
But with the huge choice of technology available on the market, the involvement of the professionals is a must in order to get the most out of your home cinema experience as they will aid you in specifying everything from the audio-visual hardware configurations, to furniture, curtains, wall and floor coverings.

As we are part of the Concept Group, Concept Interiors can work hand in hand with our sister company Prestige AV to design, build and deliver your dream audio-visual solution!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Top 10 tips for a stylish yet practical kitchen

The sheer volume of products, suppliers and literature available on kitchen design, not to mention the ever changing trends, can make the prospect of having a new kitchen a daunting and overwhelming prospect so we have condensed all of the key information for you and compiled our top ten tips for a stylish yet practical kitchen.

1. Lighting – Lighting the space is key and will enhance the overall appearance of the kitchen. Use light to enhance and create features as well as to provide task lighting. Incorporate stylish pendants over an island or use plinth lights for effect. For real “wow” factor why not position a feature chandelier over your kitchen island, cross lighting it to add a dramatic effect.

2. Handles – choose handleless for an über-sleek look; either touch-open or electronic. Alternatively use unusual handles to add glamour and detail to your kitchen. If budget allows, why not have a bespoke handle designed to give your kitchen a completely unique look.

3. Island – If you have sufficient space, incorporate an island or peninsula into your kitchen. Whether the island is used for relaxed dining/entertaining or for storage it will add a stylish dimension to the kitchen design.

4. Multi-functional Space – Your kitchen should be viewed as a sociable space for all of the family to relax in and the kitchen design needs to reflect this. Incorporating a soft seating area or a breakfast bar will ensure that friends and family gravitate to the kitchen making it the most popular room in the house!

5. Intelligent Storage – Squeeze every last inch of useable storage space out of your kitchen by incorporating pull-outs and corner storage solutions. Magic Corners are ideal for storing large items such as pots and pans and maximise the useable space in a corner cupboard, whereas a pull out larder allows you o easily see and access everything within a tall cupboard, meaning that there is no need o grope around at the back of a cupboard trying to find that elusive item!

6. Fabrics – Soften and style your kitchen with decorative window treatments and upholstered seating. Introducing some gorgeous fabrics into the kitchen will pull the scheme together and should not be overlooked. As long as your window is not next to the cooking area then there is no need to assume that the kitchen blind should be purely functional. There is such a wide range of fabrics available that there will be something to suit every style and budget. The kitchen window treatment should be seem as the finishing detail; the icing on the cake!

7. Stylish yet efficient appliances – choose energy efficient appliances which will save you money in the long run, but fear not, this doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on appearance. Choose appliances from the same range to give a sleek and stylish look to your kitchen. Make a feature out of your appliances by having a bank of tall units which house you ovens, microwave and coffee machine. Use warming drawers underneath appliances to balance the space and create a streamlined, linear finish.

8. Worktops – Choose quartz as a modern alternative to granite. Quartz is more scratch resistant, stain resistant, and wear resistant than natural granite, and is available in a wide choice of colours.

9. Flooring – Porcelain floor tiles in large formats are stylish and maintenance free, whereas natural stone requires maintenance to keep I looking at is best.

10. Gadgets – Pop up sockets, which work fantastically on an island and when not in use can be hidden away, integrated waste sorters for all your waste and recycling needs, boiling water taps so that there is no need for a kettle, and taps with pull out nozzles for easy cleaning - the list is endless!

For a stylish, yet effective kitchen, clever planning is the key, as a practical working layout is the fundament of good kitchen design. The layout should be designed to reflect your individual needs and requirements and Concept Interiors will work with you to design, supply and install the kitchen of your dreams!